Impact Startup Fest

26th of September 9.00 - 17.30 hrs join us in The Hague | Innovations for a better world.

The Hague Impact StartUp Fest

As part of Startup Fest Europe, the city of The Hague will host Impact StartUp Fest on the 26th of September. This Impact festival will focus entirely on impact start-ups and scale-ups working on innovations that tackle social & global challenges. Impact StartUp Fest brings together an international network of founders, investors, business leaders and developers around doing business & doing good.

The impact vertical features an exciting programme, with inspirational speakers, uplifting demos, pitch sessions, and useful matchmaking opportunities between start-ups, investors, international organisations, developers and corporates.


Learn about societal innovation and start-ups in The Hague and beyond and find stories that inspire, make you smarter, and connect you to relevant people and organizations in the city, the Netherlands, and the world all at Get to know us here.


Sean Hewens


Designer at IDEO + legal innovation explorer. Writer, beer label maker + fictional cartographer on the side. Sean is going all in to talk about Design Thinking.

Siddharth Bannerjee


This session will go through how we complied The European Digital City Index (EDCi) - from determining geographic coverage (including The Hague!), to the nitty-gritty of Index-making (including constructing a theoretical framework, source selection ... read moreand data gathering, weighting and aggregation) to the final visualization.

Prince Constantijn

Advisor at the European Commission

Everything about the Dutch startup ecosystem, its similarities with the Netherlands during the Golden Age, and Silicon Valley. In general The Netherlands is “punching well above its weight”, he says. But challenges lie ahead as well.

Heather Leson

Qatar Computing Research Institute + TextOnTech

Digital Humanitarian, Idea hacker, community builder. I'm obsessed with bridges, visit Gehry cities and am a serial volunteer. Imagine this world if we all lent a digital hand, that's the focus of her talk. Next to that it's tech mapping in moments o... read moref crisis.

Indy Johar

project00 + Dark Matter Laboratories + Impact Hub

Indy Johar is an architect, co-founder of 00 ( and a Senior Innovation Associate with the Young Foundation. Indy Johar is going to talk about the Civic Economy.

Simon WIllis

A compelling speaker about the power of social business and the potential of crowdsourcing for social change. Head of Europe.


Nevlynn Janssen


How does Marketing for startups work? Nevlynn is going deep to cover this.

Maya Lievegoed

HUMINT Solutions Europe

Introducing the TINO tool - unlocking unrecognized knowledge

Lija Groenewoud van Vliet

Metropolitan Startup Lab - YES!Delft

The challenge ‘NEXT Economy needs NEXT Entrepreneur’ is in search of entrepreneurial activities, which will use emerging new technologies and create impact by economic value, new business or new jobs. This Ideation is a dynamic workshops, in which yo... read moreu identify ideas and solutions for the NEXT Economy to increase the productivity of data, energy and resources and contribute to the digital gateway, smart energy delta and circular economy.

Nicole van Haelst


We invite you to test and improve the prototype of a brand new solution. The app enables you to bring your (un)conscious potential to the front and connect with people, opportunities and employers to grow your talent and/or start up business! Sta... read morertup Access to Talent aims to disrupt the world of matching. The new world of work asks for alternative ways to translate your potential in opportunities previously unknown. Check our recommendations based on your passion, purpose and potential. We’re building a platform for talent and (start up) business to use. Not yet another job board or hip online resume, but a whole new way to explore the next step in your life-career, It’s easy and fun! Be amongst the first users of this brand new tool! We’re looking for people to help us validate our prototype. No need for specific knowledge, experience or preparation. Just come, spend some time with us and experience how this app can help you and your business grow.

Roelant Rollingswier


What is BCorp and impact assessment + B talkdutch Group Roelant is the country partner @BCorpEurope | B Corp #BCorp | Benefit Corporation @BCorporation | #BtheChange| Good Start Investments | D66

Maarten van der Veen

Red Cross

According to Maarten van der Veen strengthening the information management capacity is a crucial in professionalizing humanitarian aid

Bas Kotterink


Senior Scientist ICT Policy at TNO & Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, Mentor. Bas is part of the Matchmaking track with technology

Jasper Geselschap


Jasper has knowledge on investment readiness met IQ. SME companies in the The Hague area are welcome to contact him. I am specialised in financial logistics and corporate finance. Together with Innovation Quarter Jasper Geselschap will help you in ge... read moretting investor ready.

Marijt Regts

Social Enterprise NL

Marijt is going to talk about the legal Status of social enteprises in the Netherlands and Europe.


Tatiana Chapovalova


'BESPACED - Airbnb and DriveNow for short-term locations for meetings, workshops and social events.'

Ruud Riem-Vis

Kizy Tracking

'End-to-end supply chain visibility in real time, anywhere in the world'

Arjen de Landgraaf

BRI-Business Risk Intelligence GmbH

'Fore-Warned is Fore-Armed'

Rob Leslie


'Sedicii proves you are who you say you are without exposing your identity details'

Martijn Lopes Cardozo

Black Bear

'Black Bear brings the circular economy to tires'

Hans Kortekaas

ID Control BV

'The European Privacy Company'. Hans is a visionair in privacy and security who knows how to translate innovative ideas into reality with outstanding business, project management, sales and marketing skills.

Frank Tielens

HeatMatrix group

'Many industries are losing energy via hot corrosive flue gas or process air through their stacks. HeatMatrix has developed a unique polymer heat exchanger which is corrosion resistant and therefor can recover this heat.'



'aQysta is a spin-off of Delft Unviersity of Technology, founded in 2013 with the objective to impact through technological innovations'

Yassine Chahid


'Rewards people when employers recruit while reducing their applications analysis loads within a professional network'

Piers Corfield

Dashboard Limited

'Dashboard is a provider of sophisticated remote monitoring solutions for industrial processes, leveraging enviable levels of hardware and software expertise to the benefit of a wide range of vertical sectors'

Hans van t Woud


'BlackShore delivers accurate, up-to-date and low-cost map products based on the crowd-sourced interpretation of satellite data and aerial imagery.'

Frank Riedewald

Composite Recycling Ltd

'Composite Recycling Ltd offers processes to recycle composite plastics specifically tyres and printed circuit boards (PCBs and mobile phones), but also pure plastics. '

Vittorio Bava


'We use insects to manufacture sustainable animal feed ingredients.'

Christina Wuerthner

enersis suisse AG

'enersis suisse AG offers an innovative Big Data platform along the complete utilities value chain. It is a decision support tool tailored to the specific needs of the players in the energy sector. We are an SAP Hana OEM partner since the start.'

Christian Pereira


'Cyber Security für eShops - safe, intuitive, fast and affordable '

Mark van Embden


'Mosavali provides smallholder farmers with access to information, good and services'

Monique Maissan


'Textile products made from recycled plastic bottles'

Ricardo Costa


'Loqr - Financial Fraud Preemption through User Validation for Banks.'

Maurits Barendrecht

HiiL Innovating Justice

'Leading innovation institute for justice sector from The Hague, city of peace and justice.'


In the first half of 2016 The Netherlands holds the presidency of the European Union. Startup Fest Europe is a great way to show the world that the West Coast of Europe is a hot bed for startups and innovation. We will do this with inspirational speakers, mind blowing demos and a great opportunity to make deals, deals and deals. The regional innovation hubs of the Netherlands will host world class events on specialized topics such as Agri & Food, Fin Tech, High Tech, Water Tech, Energy, Health Tech, Hard Science, Web / Mobile and Smart Cities. It’s all about helping startups raise money, attract talent and connect with peers, founders, leading scientists, venture capitalists, corporates and policy makers.

Read more in our FAQ.

Imagine an entire country working together to organize the biggest startup festival on the planet.

Neelie Kroes, Special Startup Envoy


Matchmaking track

The Venture Forum for Impact Startups

The Impact Startup Venture Forum is a specialized track within The Hague’s Impact Startup Fest. Tech Tour is partnering with the City of The Hague to organize this specialized track. The Impact Startup Venture Forum aims to promote entrepreneurship, investment and partnering in the social impact space: “security, social justice, e-government, humanitarian innovation, sustainability, and smart city solutions powered by Big Data, technology and the Internet of Things”

This specialised track will facilitate investment in selected start-ups and SMEs from the host region as well as from across Europe, bring together, and build relationships with local, regional and international accelerators, incubators and innovation support organisations. Featuring about 20 selected start-ups and scale-ups, 20 investors and a variety of  local and regional guests. The Forum predominantly focuses on start-ups, also warmly welcoming scale-ups, acceleratos and funds to network, collaborate, obtain new insights, exchange information and speak.

Furthermore, The Impact Startup Venture Forum selects the best quartile of emerging companies to present at the European Venture Summit, the flagship final event of the European Venture Contest. For more information, please refer to last year’s edition.

We welcome your registration as a presenting business or investor or corporate to attend this highly exclusive Impact Startup Venture Forum.

Please note that registration for the Impact Startup Forum is free of charge as it is part of Impact StartUp Fest for which tickets (25€ excl VAT each) will be required.

Impact StartUp Fest The Hague provides a creative environment to build bonds and bridges, establish new connections and deals to be made. Please sign up here so we can inform you when applications open on the topics that match your interest.


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